Free webinars with world famous photographer Art Wolfe

I just had the pleasure of attending a free webinar on “Composition: Point of View” with the wonderful photographer Art Wolfe.  Art went through a slideshow of his images, discussing his approach to using point of view as a compositional tool.  He had many unique photojournalism shots where he was either VERY low to the ground or above his subjects – these methods provided him a unique perspective, which in turn resulted in unique photographs.

Art is doing two more workshops offered by liveBooks.  They are:

-Composition: Focal Lengths (Monday July 6, 2009 3pm PST)

-Composition: All About Light (Tuesday August 4, 2009 11am PST)

He answered participant questions at the end, including one from a new photographer about how to shoot a graduation ceremony (LOL).  Sign up for Art’s upcoming webinars as well as other free webinars (including Lightroom tutorials) using this link.

Art also has a show on PBS called “Travels to the Edge”, which I now intend to check out.  Basically HD camera crews film him shooting various amazing locations.

~ by aaronburdick on June 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Free webinars with world famous photographer Art Wolfe”

  1. Cool man! I am going to have to check it out! His show is very cool by the way. He is an amazing photographer and the cinematography of the video in the show is very well done.

  2. I have also just discovered Art Wolfe and “Travels to the Edge”. His photos are great, but the videography is stunning. Watching then makes me want to visit all the same exotic locations . Alas, for second best, I just purchased the DVD set 🙂

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