iHDR Workshop with Jay and Varina Patel

This weekend I am taking an “iHDR” seminar in San Jose, CA with Jay and Varina Patel.  They are two landscape photographers from Ohio who have some wonderful imagery and who are especially proficient at post-processing.  I took the seminar to learn their “iHDR” technique, which standards for “intelligent high dynamic range”.  This is a way of acheiving high dynamic range in nature photographs without the over-processed look of typical HDR imagery.  As of right now the course is only half over; I will give a full report after the 2-day workshop is done.  If you’re in the midwest, they are doing a similar workshop in Ohio in August.  Jay and Varina are both great photographers, great teachers, and very nice people.

Varina’s Site

Jay’s Site

Video Tutorial on what iHDR looks like

~ by aaronburdick on June 21, 2009.

One Response to “iHDR Workshop with Jay and Varina Patel”

  1. Hey Arron just to let you know your work is really beautiful…And if you don’t remember when you stayed at the Hilton in Milpitas, I was the driver…Just wanted to comment on your work..Have a good day and keep up with all the wonderful pictures.. 🙂

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