iHDR Example

The iHDR workshop I did 10 days ago was awesome!  Jay and Varina Patel are both excellent photographers and great teachers.  I learned quite a bit about post-processing, including their “iHDR” technique.  This technique involves creating luminosity masks to blend multiple exposures.  It especially useful where a Grad ND filter would not work well, such as if there were trees poking their measly little branches above your horizon.

NOTE: the iHDR technique is NOT an HDR technique like that found in Photoshop or Photomatix.  These HDR techniques have their place and create very artistic results but are unsatisfactory to me since they produce unbelievable results with added noise, odd tonal transitions, and often excessive saturation.  iHDR is more akin to the “manual blending” technique of combining two images of the same subject but different exposure values.  It is just VERY advanced blending using luminosity masks/clusters.

I saw an AMAZING sunset yesterday at the Treepeople reserve in Los Angeles.  The sky was exploding in all directions.  One side was orange, red, and yellow while the other side of the sky was pastel blue, purple, and pink.  Foregrounds are hard to find at Treepeople but I was able to find some good ones (these shots are soon to come).  I am still processing these images but I thought I would post the following image – my first real attempt at the iHDR technique.  I thought this technique worked beautifully here, allowing a very natural tonal range even in the tree sticking out above the horizon.  I’ll be posting more images from this sunset later; I am going to High Sierra Music Festival this weekend, which is going to be an absolute blast, but I won’t be able to work on any photos for about a week.  I will be taking lots of photos of the wonderful musicians there however.  FESTIVAL!!!!!!!  =)

Treepeople Sunset

"Treepeople Sunset" - a blend of four exposures to capture dynamic range

~ by aaronburdick on July 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “iHDR Example”

  1. Thanks for your very kind words about our seminar, Aaron! This shot looks fantastic – very well done!

  2. I might have to look into this technique for when I just can’t seem to get My Photomatix HDR’s to come out how I want them. I usually try to go for as realistic as possible with my HDR but every so often there comes a scene where I cannot seem to get Photomatix to quit with the halo’s and over-contrast in the processing. Thios would be great as a soilid back-up.

  3. […] image blend for luminosity (ISO 200, f/13, 1/10 sec and 0.4 sec) – blend is iHDR (manual PS blending using luminosity […]

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