Sunset Bloom

Boy what a year it has been!  I have been so busy with so many things (SGI Rock the Era festival, graduate school applications, environmental consulting) it has been hard to find the time to keep up this blog.  I’m back though and have had some time to process some recent images and some old ones.

I would like to share this image from Joshua Tree National Park, taken April of 2010.  It is titled “Sunset Bloom” and showcases a fantastic cactus bloom against a desert sunset.  Crazy story: as I was driving into the park, the Park Ranger who let me know was my friend from high school Billy, who I’ve also seen (as a Park Ranger) in Sequoia National Park and in Grand Teton National Park.  What are the odds to see him at 3 different National Parks within 2 years? 

Processing: Nikon D300, Tokina 12-24mm, 3 image manual blend (I didn’t want to use a grad ND since that would have obstructed the mountains and made them black), ISO 200, probably f/14.

Aaron Burdick - Sunset Bloom

~ by aaronburdick on December 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sunset Bloom”

  1. Great photo. Keep it up as the world should see more of your terrific imagery.

  2. Superbe photo.

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