“Devadatta” and “The Enlightenment of Devadatta”

I have been studying the Devadatta chapter of the Lotus Sutra (you can too), which explains the enlightenment of Devadatta, an “evil” person who betrayed the Buddha, tried to destroy the Buddhist order, and to assassinate Shakyimuni Buddha many times. He used some creative means of attempted assasination, including trying to roll a boulder into the Buddha and releasing a live elephant on him. 

The main point of this chapter is that we are all Buddhas and can attain enlightenment and happiness in this lifetime, even if we have done evil acts. The Buddha even called Devadatta “a good friend” because he helped to illuminate this principal and to represent the oneness of good and evil. All we must do to attain enlightenment is to embrace faith in the Lotus Sutra (which is really faith in our lives).  Everything we could ever need to be “enlightened” (which really just means to be happy and full of courage and compassion), we already have – we just need to look in the mirror!

Both of these shots were taken in Southern Utah at the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Area (“Land of the Sleeping Rainbows”).  The black and white shot was taken at sunrise and the color shot taken at sunset of the same day.  We were treated to some amazing light both times.  Both shots were taken with a Nikon D300, one with a Nikon 12-24mm and one with a Tokina 12-24mm.  Both images were manual blends of two images in order to keep detail in the sky and the foreground.  B+W conversion was done using Lightroom 3.

I’ve added some new images to my website and will be adding more in the next couple of weeks.  Check them out: Aaron Burdick Photography!  Feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Happy Holidays to all!  May 2011 be a year filled with boundless victory, joy, and Buddhahood for all!  Please be safe and take care of your health.


"Devadatta", Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, Utah

"The Enlightenment of Devadatta"

"The Enlightenment of Devadatta", Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, Utah

~ by aaronburdick on December 23, 2010.

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