“Showdown”, near Mohave, CA

In the winter the spiny desert vegetation of the Southwest watches in awe as small tufts of green grass surround them from the winter rains.  Soon the wildflowers will be exploding across the region and I will be out shooting them.  The stormy winter sunsets in the desert, however, are hard to beat at any time of year and provide an amazing background for the unique interplay of vegetation to be found this time of year.

“Showdown”, near Mohave, CA

– This shot is a blend of three exposures using the iHDR technique (hand blending exposures in Photoshop using “luminosity clusters”).  This is the only way I was able to get the foreground exposure the proper brightness, while maintaining detail in the cloud.  If I had used a Grad ND filter, then the cloud would have been near black, rather than the beautiful dark purple it was.

~ by aaronburdick on February 16, 2011.

One Response to ““Showdown”, near Mohave, CA”

  1. I like the reversal of tonality: dark in the sky and light on the ground.

    Steve Schwartzman

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