Lake Abert update – Great Mega Western Photo Tour

Yesterday was a whirlwind day full of frustrations and exileration.  I paid $200 to get my car finally fixed in Twin Falls, Idaho.  It was working fine for about 4 hours but then when I got into the middle of nowhere in the deserts of Eastern Oregon it started to overheat again.  After having taken it to 4 mechanics in two weeks, my car was still not fixed.  I knew I couldn’t be defeated by this.  I had to create some sort of value from this situation.

Because my car was not fixed yet I had to cancel my trip to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.  I was stuck driving down the high desert highway of US-395.  Little did I know that this would be an incredible opportunity to view one of the most amazing places I’ve ever had the pleasure of the photographing.

I shot one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen on Lake Abert, just off of US-395.  The colors were incredible as the sun lit up the remnants of the afternoon’s thunderstorms.  The foreground objects were plentiful, colorful, and just plain freakin’ awesome!  I have many more to process but here is a shot in the meantime.

Copyright Aaron Burdick Photography 2011

“Lake Abert Sunset”

Nikon D700, Nikon 16-35mm lens

3 stop hard step ND grad

Blend of two exposures, both at f/13, ISO200

Here is a crappy video taken with my phone that attempts to show the majesty of the waves crashing on Lake Abert’s shore at sunset.

I truly feel that I was able to “turn poison into medicine” with this situation.  I believe I got WAY better photos than I would have gotten if I had made the trek up to Crater Lake.  It was also a very unique experience to be the only one photographing the lake (in fact I did not even see anyone else the entire time I was shooting) after the crowds of Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

I’m writing from Klamath Falls as my car finally gets fixed for good.  I am so close to California I can almost taste it.  I’ve never been happier to be coming back home to Cali and my new home in Mountain View to see my fiancee.  Joni Mitchell’s “California” came on my iPod yesterday.  I can’t wait to be back in the greatest state in the country!

~ by aaronburdick on June 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “Lake Abert update – Great Mega Western Photo Tour”

  1. For me, the red-orange lichen in the foreground makes the picture.

  2. This is exquisitely and uniquely beautiful. Would have loved to have been there to see and experience this sunset. Great photography!

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